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Why LinkNetwork

People have been connecting for centuries. This is how business is done and this is why LinkNetwork exists. To connect people and businesses. 

Our story has been one of creating bridges between people and technology and we are on a mission to build a platform that benefits business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.


Benefits of LinkNetwork

Connect with businesses. We are soon launching our business network called LinkedUp, connecting you with entrepreneurs from across Nigeria.

LinkNetwork integrated business directory is a comprehensive directory linking thousands of businesses with potential customers. Explore today

Grab a piece of the pie with LinkNetwork Opportunities. See up and coming business opportunities and take advantage of them.

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Key Features


Find mutual business interests on LinkNetwork


Find your tribe


Get insights and ideas to help your business grow.


Discover businesses in Nigeria. Search by state or categories


Tools and resources to boost your business and improve your access


Get free business consultancy to help with your business growth.