New 2Africa Fibre Optic Cable: Empowering Prosperity and Growth


The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Umo Eno, has expressed that the arrival of the 37,000km submarine cable linking Akwa Ibom to Europe, Asia, and other regions of Africa through the Atlantic Ocean is a significant venture. This project will establish the State as a hub for ICT innovation, and bring about economic and technological advantages that will be recognized globally.

Governor Eno stated this during a brief ceremony to receive 2Africa submarine fibre optic cable from MainOne Company, at Qua Iboe beach, Ibeno Local Government Area.

“While we celebrate this great effort that would engrave Akwa Ibom State on the map of ICT innovation as well as  economic and technological benefit around the world. We want to reassure our people of our readiness to partner with creative entrepreneurship projects and support them to develop the state with their resources”, so he said.

Governor Eno maintained that the launch of the submarine cable will boost the technology drive of the ARISE Agenda of his administration and called on  youths to take advantage of the infrastructure to explore their potentials in  information and communication technology.

What is the 2Africa Fibre Optic Cable

The 2Africa Cable is a major undersea telecommunications cable project that aims to enhance internet connectivity and digital infrastructure across Africa. It is a collaboration between several global tech giants, including Facebook, China Mobile International, MTN Group, Orange, and Vodafone. Spanning approximately 37,000 kilometers, the cable will connect 23 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, making it one of the longest and most extensive subsea cable systems in the world. The project aims to address the digital divide by providing high-speed, reliable, and affordable internet access to millions of people in underserved regions of Africa. The 2Africa Cable is expected to significantly boost digital economies, enable e-commerce, support education and healthcare initiatives, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the continent.

What are the benefits of this cable to the Akwa Ibom economy

E-Government Services

E-government services in Nigeria refer to the utilization of digital technologies and online platforms to deliver government services and engage with citizens. It aims to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of public services by using ICT.

In Nigeria, e-government services have gained prominence in recent years as part of the government’s efforts to improve service delivery and promote a digital economy. These services encompass a wide range of areas, including:

Online Portals

The Nigerian government has established various online portals to facilitate citizen engagement and provide access to government services. These portals offer services such as online tax payments, business registration, passport applications, driver’s license renewal, and land registration.

Digital Identification

The National Identification Number (NIN) system is an essential component of e-government services in Nigeria. It provides citizens with a unique identification number that enables them to access a range of government services and benefits.

E-payment Systems

E-government services in Nigeria also involve the implementation of electronic payment platforms. These systems enable citizens to make online payments for government services, taxes, and fees, reducing the need for physical cash transactions and enhancing financial transparency.

Online Service Delivery

Various government agencies in Nigeria now offer online service delivery options. Citizens can access and request services, submit applications, track progress, and receive updates through dedicated online platforms, reducing the need for physical visits to government offices.

To conclude, this transformative project will not only establish the State as a hub for ICT innovation but also bring about substantial economic and technological advantages that will be recognized globally. As the 2Africa fibre optic cable links Akwa Ibom to Europe, Asia, and other regions of Africa through the Atlantic Ocean, it opens up numerous opportunities for enhanced connectivity, digital advancements, and increased investment in the State. With this development, Akwa Ibom is poised to become a prominent player in the global ICT landscape, attracting both local and international businesses, creating employment opportunities, and driving sustainable growth. The Governor’s recognition of this venture as a game-changer highlights the potential for Akwa Ibom State to thrive in the digital age and solidify its position as a leader in technology and innovation.